3 Axis Accelerometer ( Arduino compatible)


MMA7361L 3-xis Accelerometer, replacement of MMA7260.

Analog (voltage) output for each axis, very easy to interface and very precise.

Support both 5V and 3.3V power supply.
Selectable sensitivity: +/-1.5g, +/- 6g
PCB size: 27.9mm x 16.8mm

Works with Arduino or any Microcontrollers,
Its very easy to interface.
We can also provide sample code to get it working with Arduino.

Project to do with this module:

- Single wheel balancing robot
- Tilt sensing Joystick for games
- Robot control using gestures....
- Many more......

Creative projects limited only by your imagination


Arduino example to get it going

Datasheet link



Price: $14.99
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