What is Arduino

Arduino is an open source computer hardware used for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objects in the physical world. The project's products are distributed as open-source hardware and software, which are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) or the GNU General Public License (GPL) permitting the manufacture of Arduino boards and software distribution by anyone. Arduino boards are available commercially in preassembled form, or as do-it-yourself (DIY) kits.

Arduinos are programmed using the Arduino IDE which can be downloaded from here :

Why is Arduino so famous?

Arduino's are simple to use and program. It is used by a wide variety of people some who have a programming background to other who range from artists and DIY enthusiasts.

Arduino comes with a lot of free libraries making it easy to connect to different hardware, like a LCD display or a smoke sensor or even controlling a robot.

We at hobbyist provide a lot of kits build around the Arduino ecosystem, all our kits comes with all the bits needed including the source code.

This makes it very easy for they buyer to build the kit and get it going, we provide awesome technical support if at all you get stuck using any of our kits.

Some of our tutorials include :

Mars Rover: A kits set to build a complete robot which can be controlled wirelessly from your mobile or laptop

Hobbyist Mars Rover, Arduino robotic kit

Weather Station: If you are into weather, this is a nice little kit with a display which shows your local weather

Hobbyist Arduino WeatherStation kit

Christmas lights dance to music: If you wondered how to make your lights dance to the music you play, this is the kit for you. The kit comes with strings of LED lights which when connected to your mp3 player or stereo dances to the tunes of the music

Keep forgetting keys, make a door lock using our fingerprint kit. No need to carry your keys anymore. This kit comes with a fingerprint sensor and electronic door lock and the source code to help you build the complete working fingerprint door unlocking kit

Arduino Fingerprint door unlocking kit

Arduino tutorials by Hobbyist:

Connecting relay to Arduino

Connecting LCD display to Arduino

Connecting OLED display to Arduino

Connecting Temperature and Humidity sensor DHT11 to Arduino

DC motor speed control with Arduino

Connecting Bluetooth to Arduino

Trouble shooting Arduino

Slow Arduino IDE windows

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