Backlit Inspection Camera USB Endoscope ( 5m long )


If you want to look inside a machinery and see what is going wrong or inspect electronic parts without taking it apart, this is the tool for the job.

This inspection camera has many applications including
  • Electronic boards, Parts inspection
  • Home insulation, leakage inspection
  • Vent pipe
  • Machine equipment
  • Car Engine
  • Automotive, boat, aircraft inspection.

Interface: USB plug-and-play, no driver required.

This is the tool to have in your toolbox, its uses are many and it is like the electronic swiss army knife.

Image Sensor :

300K pixels CMOS


4 White LED bright lights

Resolution :

- VGA : 640 x 480 pixels
- QVGA : 320 x 240 pixels
Frame Rate : 30 fps
Lens : F2.4
USB Interface : USB 2.0

Waterproof Level :

Cable Length : Approx. 5m
Cable Diameter : 4mm
Camera Dimensions : - approx. 10 (Diameter) x 50 (L) mm
- approx. 3/8" (Diameter) x 2" (L) inch


NOTE: The camera backlighting has adjustable brightness, It can be adjusted by turning a rotating knob seen close to the USB cable.



Price: $39.99
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