Magnetic Levitation wonder toy : Float in air



The Magnetic Levitator uses sophisticated magnetic levitation which carefully balances gravity and magnetism. The result of this allows various light weight objects to be suspended in mid-air as if they were floating. The object's appearance is enhanced by 4 bright LEDs in the corners which give a nice spotlight effect as your object spins around.

By giving a slight spin of the object after its been placed on the base, you can control the spin direction and speed - and it will keep going by itself.

Magnetic levitation base

Technical Specifications:

  • Levitate objects up to 400-500 grams
  • Floating distance of around 3-5cm
  • Size: 10cm x 10cm (base)
  • Power: 12V 2A

Package contains:

  • Magnetic Levitation platform
  • Round magnet with flat top
  • 12V 2A power supply


After plugging in the power supply to the magnetic levitation base, all 4 LEDs will illuminate.

With the magnet held firmly in hand, hold it above the centre of the base roughly 15cm and begin lowering it down slowly - while doing your best to keep the magnet centred all the time.

As you reach the base you'll feel magnetic forces pull in different directions on the magnet and you'll feel the need to apply more force to keep it centred. As this happens you'll notice the LEDs will turn on an off. These act as a guide to tell you how far from the centre you are.

As an example, look at the photo below. You'll see that two LEDs are on while one is off. The LED that is off indicates the magnet needs to be moved slightly towards that LED. If you move too far you'll notice the other LEDs will turn off and you'll need to move the magnet backwards. A steady hand will ensure success.

Centering the magnet

When the magnet is centred all 4 LEDs will illuminate and you'll feel that the magnet will happily sit there suspended above the base.

With the magnet in place you can spin it in either direction and it will keep going. But it's more useful and much more fun if you place an object on the magnet! Try to place objects centered on the magnet as much as possible as this will ensure it can spin freely.


Here are some examples of the many things you could use with the levitator:

Engagement ring

Lords of the Rings

Stacked coins

Basketball players


Boxed items


Where is this technology used?

Magnetic levitation is a great technology used for the propulsation of high speed trains. Wikipedia contains a good article about this.

It has also been used to create frictionless/magnetic bearings. There are many videos on YouTube demonstrating this.

What can I place on the magnet?

Anything that isn't too heavy (around 400-500 grams maximum) and can be centred on top of the magnet. 



Price: $129.00
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