Variable DC power supply 0-32V


Every hobbyist runs into the problems when you need 3.3V for the microcontroller and then 12V for steppers and 22V for the amplifier, Its not fun having a separate power supply for each project.

This benchtop power supply solves that problem, This product fits the bill allowing for a nice little benchtop module which sits on your desk and is a single stop solution for all power supply needs for all your projects. 

Provides a range from 0-32V and current from 0-5Amps. It allows selection of constant voltage and constant current mode also.

Its robustly built and a elegant piece to have on the hobbyist benchtop.


  •  Nice LED display
  •  Precise voltage selection with 2 decimal digit resolution
  •  Ability to lock on a set voltage
  •  Enter Coarse voltage selection by clicking the knob once
  •  Press button for ON/OFF control
  •  Comes with crocodile clips for getting the power to your project

Ideal for all microcontroller projects and also a good fit for high voltage projects, CNC, stepper motors with the complete (0-32V range ).



Operation Voltage Range

95-132Vac OR

198 – 264Vac

Operation Frequency Range

45 – 65HZ

Output Voltage Range

0 – 32V

Output Current Range

0 – 5A

Efficiency (220Vac/full load)

≥ 87%

Full Load Input Current(220Vac)


No Load Input Current(220Vac)

≤ 80mA

Volt Meter Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 1 digits

Current Meter Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 2 digit

Constant Voltage


Load Regulation (0-100%)

≤ 30mV

Line Regulation(198-264Vac)

≤ 10mV

Ripple & Noise (Peak-Peak)

≤ 30mV

Ripple & Noise (r.m.s)

≤ 3mV

Set Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 10mV

Transient Response Time (50%-100% rated Load)

≤ 1.0ms

Constant Current


Load Regulation(90%-10% Rated Voltage)

≤ 50mA

Line Regulation (198-264Vac)

≤ 20mA

Ripple & Noise (Peak-Peak)

≤ 30mAp-p

Set Accuracy

≤ 0.3% + 20mA

Size(width× height× depth)


Net Weight


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Price: $139.00
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